ż provides its members with unprecedented professional development, education and training, networking, business development, advocacy, conferences and events, and much more! Membership in ż will improve staff performance, enhance your firm’s capabilities, and put cutting-edge construction and project management best practice information at your fingertips. 

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“Why ż? There are a lot of organizations out there and a lot of them talk a good game, they talk about making changes and making progress, but I think ż is really starting to make some inroads into substantive change in the industry. They’re really starting to hone in on the things that the industry needs and also the most important part – how to do them!” - Brent Darnell, Brent Darnell International

“I have been an active member of ż both on at the local and national level since 2007 when I became a CCM. As a civil engineer focused on performing construction management, ż provides me the opportunity to develop relationships with other professional industry partners and owners to enhance my career and add value to the projects and team members I lead. In addition, the educational opportunities available through ż conferences and online portals have provided me the opportunity to learn about new technologies emerging in our industry, tips and tricks for successful project delivery, and added leadership skills to implement and share.” - Mimi Kronisch, PE, CCM, Partner, RK&K

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