Established in 1982, ż sets the standard for managing capital construction projects.

We Set the Standard

Easy access to a wide variety of services and resources that will improve your personal performance, enhance your firm’s capabilities, and brighten the outlook of the entire construction management profession. ż is more than the sum of all these elements though. Like any association, what ż is and what ż does largely depends on you. Join ż today, and set yourself on the path to a brighter future.

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At ż, you’ll find plentyof ways to get involved. Buildyour teams, your business, and yourprofession. As a corporate member of ż, your organization will be clearly associated with the highest standards andthe most responsive, accountable service in the industry. Corporate members have access to a wide range of technical and leadership training programs, business development opportunities, and a library of resources which stay current on industry best practices. Become an activemember of ż today.
ż welcomesconstruction industry professionals from all over the globe. Membership provides a “go-to” resource for technical and leadership training, networking, and professional development which in turn, will ensure that you are staying current on industry best practices to complete projects on-time and on-budget. Members have access to benefits both at the national and the chapter level. Join us, and develop new relationships at every turn.