Credentialing Resources

CCM Videos & Webinars

  • - a short video about what a CCM does.

  • - A brief look at what the online application looks like.

  • - A webinar about the benefits, eligibility,examination, and preparation for the CCM.

Applicant Documents

Brochures and Promotional Material

  •  F -A one-page overview of the CCM.

  • CCM vs CACM vs PMP-A comparison between the Certified Construction Manager®, Certified Associate Construction Manager®,and the Project Management Professional®

  • CIIEndorsement Letter- The Construction Industry Institute endorsement of the CCM.

  • Military Transition Flier - An explanation on why military personnel transitioning out should consider the CCM.

  • CCMs from the Military - Perspective from CCMs in the military.

  • CCM in Public Works - Flier on how states and municipalities use credentials to find professionals.

  • CCM DOT Flier - An explanation of why state departments of transportation prefer the CCM.


  • Renewal Handbook–If your certification is about to expire, please read through the Handbook to learn the process and requirements for renewing your CCM® and CACM.
  • –Don’t have enough pointsto renew? You can retake the exam instead.
  • Recertification Point Providers– Here are additional options for CCMs and CACMs to earn points toward recertification.

Share Your Achievements

  • Press Release for New CCMs - Let everyone know you have achieved the pinnacle construction management certification.

  • Press Release for New CACMs - Let everyone know you have achieved the associate construction management certification.

  • Digital Badging-Your credentialing badge will communicate your knowledge of, and dedication to, the construction managementprofession to prospective employers and industry peers.

  • Example RFPs with CCM Preferences–CCMs are often preferred or required by Owners to lead their projects. We have included some examples of those RFPs and RFQs.

  • Mentor Program Guide–MentorsprovideCMITs with guidance and support, to ensure CMITs are on the right track to obtaining the experience necessary to qualify for CCM®.

CCM Retired

  • CCM Retired Handbook– Includes the application to retire your CCM®if you are no longer practicing construction management.